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Principal's Message


'Our Bendemeer, Our Pride'
We begin each year with this great sense  of enthusiasm and anticipation of the exciting learning opportunities ahead of us.  Our school's theme of 'Our Bendemeer, Our Pride' is brightly imprinted on the mural mounted on the school's foyer.  This is intended to serve as a daily reminder to our pupils, our staff and our various stakeholders that we are proud members of the Bendemeer family.  We are proud to believe that every child can learn and achieve if given the right support and environment.  We are proud to come to come together to embark on this meaningful work of providing a holistic education to our pupils which encompaases both character development and academic excellence.  We are proud to do our level best to nurture every pupil to become 'Lifelong Learners, Rooted in Values'.

To further engender this sense of pride among our pupils, staff and stakeholders, we have embraced the school values of PRIDE which is translated into:

Passion        - Love for self, family, nation and learning
Resilience    - Keep trying and never give up
Integrity       - Think, speak and live right
Diligence      - Work hard in all that I do
Empathy      -  Think, feel and do good for others

With the PRIDE values, it is our hope that they will guide and inculcate in us the qualities that are essential in 21st Century citizens, which is the ability to unlearn, relearn and learn as a school community, to always give our best in all that we do, to rise above circumstances, to care for others, to serve and to lead.

As we embark on our Bendemeer journey, we would like to invite all of us to come on board this journey, to pull together and to work together as a cohesive team so that we can achieve more and make a difference in the lives of our pupils.

Together we look forward to another year filled with rich experiences and opportunities.