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School Mission

Nurture every individual to be an independent learner with an inquiring mind and strong moral values 

Art Vision

Our Art department supports the above mission and with our own Art Vision “Creativity is Within Reach”, we aspire to uphold the school philosophy which is “We believe that all children can learn and achieve when they are given the right environment and support”.


Mr Mazlan Muhammad (Subject Head, Aesthetics)

Art Teachers

Mr Mazlan Muhammad, Mrs Munawir & Mr Jonathan Tay

Our Art Lessons

Learning through themes connects students’ learning with their experiences in the wider world

Primary 1 and 2 students will be exposed to the themes on ‘Myself’ and ‘Animals’ in varying degrees, intensities and focus. The themes generally revolves around character education and social-emotional learning: 
  1. Myself
    • Self-awareness 
    • Recognizing own strengths
  2. People and things around me
    • Respect for others, animals and environment 
    • Communicating effectively o Social responsibility
  3. Feelings
    • Recognizing and understanding emotions 

Primary 3 to 6 students will explore and experiment with the various media to familiarize themselves with the processes and characteristics of the different art forms/media. However, Primary 3 to Primary 5 students will relate their art with an overall theme on culture:
  • Primary 3 : Chinese 
  • Primary 4 : Indian 
  • Primary 5 : Malay 

As for the Primary 6 pupils, the theme is on National Education. This includes Singapore A garden city, Faces of Pioneers and our National Icons Basically, students will get to experience the different art forms, namely 2D, 3D, Digital Art as well as Recycling Art. Our school plays an active role in the Recycling projects and our stakeholder has kindly agreed to use the funds received through the recycling project to offer bursary for our needy students.

Danish experimenting with lines
Here are our completed masterpieces!
P6 Printmaking
Batik painting – sketching a portrait

Art Assessment

Assessment is an on-going and interactive process which focuses on providing constructive feedback to students. It monitors, evaluates and ascertain students’ progress and achievement in art learning according to the learning outcomes.


Our Modular Art Programmes 

Primary 1 – Puppetry
Primary 2 – Creative Mosaics
Primary 3 – Digital Art
Primary 4 – Wire Art – The Indian Dancer
Primary 5 – Batik Painting
Primary 6 – Animation

Our Recent Event

Aesthetics Week 2016

image054.jpg image055.jpg image056.jpg
Making an animated toy

Happily playing with his handheld animated toy

P2 PAL Visual Art Programme    

For the Visual Art PAL, the pupils explored on textures, created a land art and learnt more about animals. Here are some activities that the pupils will go through during the PAL lessons.

Creating land art
We are done!
Recording their experiences