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Student Leadership

Developing Confident Leaders, Rooted in Values

Bendemeer Primary School's student leadership programmes aims to develop pupils into becoming confident leaders with inquiring minds and strong moral values.  Our leadership programme spans across the 6 levels and pupils are equipped with effective communication and leadership skills so as to allow them to mature into responsible, resilient and caring individuals.  We believe in providing opportunities for all pupils to assume leadership roles and do this through the class committee.

At Primary 1 and 2, pupils learn socio-emotional competencies like self and social awareness as well as relationship management and responsible decision making through PAL.  Through modules like outdoor education and drama, pupils are given authentic experiences to learn how to wok together as a team and to reflect on their experiences in their leadership journey.

A co-hort leadership programme is carries out during CCA for Primary 3 and 4 pupils.  In teams, pupils learn self and team leadership skills - how to communicate effectively with one another to achieve a common goal.  It provides a platform for pupils to interact with their classmates through games and activities and they learn to cooperate and collaborate effectively together.

At Primary 5, pupils have a chance to exercise their leadership skills at the Primary 5 camp.  They get to work with their school mates and learn independence and how to work together as a team to overcome challenges. Selected P5 student leaders will participate in an advanced student leadership training programme and also get an opportunity to apply their leadership and communication skills through a self-initiated project in their CCAs or subject groups.  This platform provides a chance for them to contribute back to the community with visits to senior citizen drop-in centres and other values-in-action activities.

Primary 6 pupils go through a self-leadership module to learn the importance of goal setting - setting both short and long term goals for themselves and this would included ambitions as well as time and stress management.  With these skills, we want to equip them with the best strategies to manage their studies and other programmes and activities and ensure a healthy balance and perspective.  They also learn the importance of proper social etiquette - making a good first impression and learning to communicate well with others.