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Malay Dance

Teachers - in - Charge 

  1. Mdm Arni Binte Johan (1st IC)
  2. Mrs Munawir (2nd IC)
  3. Mr Mazlan (3rd IC)
  4. Mdm Zakiyah
  5. Ms Christine Tan
  6. Mdm Tina Ee

Objective of CCA

  • to expose pupils to a repertoire of traditional Malay Dance 
  • to provide a platform for pupils to showcase their capabilities and strengths in the performing arts setting
  • to instill confidence in the pupils while they are performing and expressing their talent.


Time Of CCA: 

Tuesday :  8.00 am – 9. 30 am

Our trainings are conducted in the dance studio and school hall. The school engages a professional dance instructor under the baton of Mr Elfi Ismail from Artiste Seni Budaya Group to train the pupils. 

Pupils will learn and are required to master the five basic dance steps predominantly asli, inang, masri, zapin and joget. Upon this learning outcome, it will enable the dancers to flourish further into dancing gracefully with choreography. 


Under the guidance of our teachers, the dancers are also ensured to be able to learn valuable traditions across the spectrum of culture and language. Pupils are also mould to be an active leader and to take charge of any given responsibilities to them.


Plentiful of opportunities are given to pupils in our Malay Dance group to engage in schools exchange programme and perform in mid-to-big-scale school events such as Annual Speech Day, Hari Raya Puasa Celebration and public performances such as Kolam Ayer CC. 

Our dancers polish their skills and are very dedicated to their training. They did the school proud in the participation Singapore Youth Festival 2016 (SYF) Central Judging. The dancers showcase their exuberance through dancing gracefully on the beat of the songs in synchronizing steps and was awarded Distinction. 



2018 SYF Competition – Certificate of Accomplishment
2016 SYF Competition – Certificate of Distinction