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Teachers - in - Charge

  1. Ms Sandy Yeo (1st IC)
  2. Ms Olivia Pan (2nd IC)
  3. Mrs Lim C.K
  4. Mdm Ng SY
  5. Mdm Jane Quek

Objective of CCA  

Wushu was set up in BendemeerPrimary School in 2007.  It aims to cultivate pupils’ interests in Wushu as well as to develop discipline and perseverance among pupils as they master the moves and routines involving fists and weapons. Pupils also learn to work in unity when they practise group routines that involve synchronized movements among team members. 

Time of CCA Facilities and Infrastructure
Every Tuesday (8am – 9.30am)

Every Wednesday (2pm - 4pm)

For school team members only
At the moment, the Wushu team trains with Wushu weapons such as spears, cudgels, swords and broadswords. The pupils undergo weekly training provided by professional instructors.


Variety of Training Programmes:  
Basic Routine for Beginners:
- Basic Wushu Stunts and Moves
- Wu Bu Quan (五步拳)
Fist Routines for Intermediate Learners:
- 3-Duan Nan Quan (三段南拳)
- 3-Duan Chang Quan ( 三段长拳)
- 5-Duan Nan Quan (五段南拳)
- 5-Duan Chang Quan ( 五段长拳)
Weapon Routines for Intermediate Learners:
- 3-Duan Broadsword (三段刀)
- 3-Duan Spear (三段枪)
- 3-Duan Sword(三段剑)
- 3-Duan Cudgel (三段棍)
- 5-Duan Broadsword (五段刀)
- 5-Duan Spear (五段枪)
- 5-Duan Sword(五段剑)
- 5-Duan Cudgel (五段棍)
Fist Routines for Advance Learners:
- Jing Sai Nan Quan (竞赛南拳)
- Jing Sai Chang Quan ( 竞赛长拳)
Weapon Routines for Advance Learners:
- Jing Sai Broadsword (竞赛刀)
- Jing Sai Spear (竞赛枪)
- Jing Sai Sword(竞赛剑)
- Jing Sai Cudgel (竞赛棍) 

Our Achievements

Our Wushu school team attained the achievements in the following events during the National Inter-School Wushu Competition 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015 and 2015 respectively:  


Junior Girls:
  • 10th Position in Nan-Gun (Southern Cudgel)
Senior Girls:
  • 8th Position in Sword
  • 7th Position in Sword
Senior Boys:
  • 8th Position in Nan-Gun (Southern Cudgel)


Senior Girls:
  • 4th position in Southern Fist (南拳) 
  • 4th position in Southern Cudgel (南棍) 


Junior Girls:
  • 3rd position in Southern Cudgel (南棍) 
  • 5th position in Southern Cudgel (南棍) 
  • 5th position in 5-Duan Nan Quan (五段南拳) 

Photo Gallery

Our Wushu competitors, coach and teachers at Toa Payoh Sports Hall in 2016 

Celine Yong achieved the 4th position in Senior Girls Southern Fist (南拳) in 2016 
Priscillia Si Min Ibrahim achieved the 4th position in Senior Girls Southern Cudgel (南棍) in 2016
Chloe Lim achieved the 3rd position for Junior Girls Southern Cudgel (南棍) in 2015

Toh Ruixiang achieved the first position for Junior Boys 3-Duan Nan Quan (南拳) in 2014