Home-Based Learning (HBL)


In Bendemeer Primary School, we are committed in instilling self-directed and collaborative learning skills among our pupils, preparing them to thrive in the fast-changing world and technologically advanced future. To ensure this, we have designed our own portal, “BDP E-Learning Portal” where pupils have been trained to work on the learning resources independently and to collaborate with their peers promoting a shared learning experience. Through this HBL portal, pupils also learn how to be responsible and respectful learners. HBL is conducted every term for 4 weeks focusing on core subjects such as English, Math, Mother Tongue and Science. Pupils are given 1 week to complete each subject's HBL. After the completion, teachers will follow-up with pupils on their performance.  

What is Home Based Learning (HBL)?  

Home Based Learning (HBL) is a bite-sized learning method where pupils independently and e-learn using selected learning concepts designed by their teachers. HBL is usually conducted during a given period of time. This move is highly beneficial in times of emergency situations such as sudden school closure, for example, haze where pupils have learning resources readily available online and they are already well trained to work on them independently. The HBL Paradigm consists of the following aspects:
 ·         Bite-sized learning (learning of simple concept)
 ·         Self-directed learning (pupils are able to self-check for understanding)
 ·         Collaborative learning (pupils are able to respond, view and provide comments/ build on peers’ responses)

HBL portals 

Having trouble accessing the HBL? Check out the attached guide on how to access the HBL portal.

HBL Portal Access - Students Guide.pdf