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Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW)


Bendemeer Primary School has developed an integrated approach towards Interdisciplinary Project Work (IPW) that involves interdisciplinary, place-based learning and/or authentic problem solving. 

Each project is designed to infuse character and citizenship education, collaborative skills and develop 21st century competencies in pupils as a self-directed learner, active contributor, concerned citizen and confident person. In addition, learning journeys were included to enrich the educational experience by linking the theoretical with experiential learning.  

LevelLearning journeyInterdisciplinary Project Work
1Singapore Zoological GardensCreate a poster on animal conservation with text and pictures and do a short write-up on the rationale of the poster.
2Jacob Ballas Children's GardenPupils will learn about the weather in Singapore. They learn to appreciate and show care to the environment. At the end of the lesson, pupils create an animated PowerPoint presentation on 'How does the weather impact us?'.
3Jurong Bird ParkCreate a video montage of the friendship formed in Bendemeer that highlights ways to foster healthy friendship and team spirit.
4Heritage Places of WorshipCreate a 1 minute documentary of what they have learnt during their heritage tour and suggest ways to promote racial harmony within the community.
5National Education ShowUsing Scratch programme to create a simple game that displays the Singapore Spirit (Pioneers, Places of attraction, Multicultural, Food) Games that appeals to both genders.
6Changi AirportCrafting short term and long term goals using an online mindmapping tool and creating a 3D artefact that encapsulates their goals.