The Malay Department vision is for our students to be effective MTL communicators and appreciators of the Malay culture and values.

Our mission is to enhance students’ linguistic ability through listening, oral communication, reading and writing imbibed with a sense of cultural awareness, heritage, values and identity.

Our objectives are :-

  • To provide an engaging learning environment
  • To achieve scholastic excellence
  • To develop language abilities and competencies in reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking skills
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for students to speak, write and make presentations in standard MTL that is grammatical, fluent and appropriate to purpose, audience, context and culture
  • Think through, interpret and evaluate fiction and non-fiction text
  • To enhance effective use of ICT in learning of MTL

Reading Programme 2019

The department promotes and encourages reading at all levels. The students are scheduled for the Morning Reading Programme on every XXX mornings before flag raising. There are two parts to the Reading Programme; Basic Reading (Bacaan Asas) and Extensive Reading (Bacaan Luas). Through this Reading Programme, the pupils are able to widen their general knowledge as well as improve on their vocabulary, understanding of text and sentence structure. This fosters a sense of responsibility and commitment to reading by emphasizing the joy and success pupils can obtain from reading proficiently.

  • Varied reading materials (ebooks, journals, blogs, online newspapers and story portals
  • Supplementary reading books
  • NLB Book Promotion
  • Effective dictionary skills (dictionary and online dictionary PRPM)


MTL Fortnight 

Mooted in 2011, this 2-week long event is aimed at creating an immersive environment for the learning of mother tongue languages. During the two weeks, a wide range of activities related to ML language and culture are conducted. These activities provide authentic opportunities for students to use their Mother Tongue Language and experience the culture.

Objectives of the programme:

  1. Create varied opportunities for students to involve and participate in MTL language and cultural activities that promote an exclusive use of the language;
  2. Experience the relevance in learning MTL by providing meaningful and engaging activities;
  3. Raise awareness of the respective cultures and traditions;
  4. Stimulate students’ interest in knowing their culture and language
  5. Take pride in our national identity, have a sense of belonging to Singapore and be committed to nation building
  6. Value Singapore`s socio-cultural diversity, and promote social cohesion and harmony.


ICT Integration

Integrating ICT into the ML curriculum has been integral in engaging students in their learning. ICT is an enabler that equips students with enhance self-directed learning, collaboration and productivity.


The use of ICT is prevalent with the new E-Oral Examination at PSLE. Students experience hands on session with the use of the SLS and iMTL Portal for their practice and examination preparation.

P1 to P6 – SLS & IMTL portal

iMTL –

eCekap -

eMekar -

Dictionary Online -

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