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School Library

Our school library aims to nurture a love of reading among students and support students in their learning.

We seek to achieve this by

1) conducting reading programmes and

2) providing inviting and conducive spaces / resources for students to read, collaborate and learn.


Reading Programme (during English and Mother Tongue lessons)

Getting students to experience the joy of reading is a regular part of the school’s curriculum. Two periods (one for English, one for Mother Tongue) are set aside each week for our reading programme. Students enjoy a range of activities during these periods. These include engaging read alouds, storytelling and book recommendations. Storytelling is also brought to life with the use of puppets, pop-up books and Kamishibai (i.e., story cards). Students are given opportunities to do book talks and share their reads with their classmates too. Through reading circles, students have opportunities to engage in rich discussions about their reads with their peers as well. With the use of critical literacy books, students are also encouraged to think critically about what they read. In addition, students also learn more about current affairs by reading and viewing newspapers.




Assembly Programmes

Students enjoy various reading assembly programmes aimed at nurturing a love of reading in them. These include Book Buzzes (held in collaboration with the National Library Board (NLB)) and book talks by local authors. Videos of staff and parents storytelling or recommending books are broadcasted during assembly as well.

Activities in the Library

Students could also participate in reading-related activities in the library. These include art-related activities (e.g., puppet making, origami), games, puzzles and quizzes. These activities are changed regularly and are based on certain themes, authors, school events or national events.


Come as a Book Character Day

Students (and teachers) had fun dressing up as book characters on our inaugural Come as a Book Character Day! Students shared about the characters they have dressed up as and introduced various interesting books to their classmates. Reading was infused across various subjects throughout that week too – for instance, students read engaging Math stories and Science magazines in their Math and Science lessons. Storytelling was conducted during recess as well. 



Students dressed as book characters and introduced various books to their classmates!


Teachers also joined in the fun and dressed up as their favourite characters!


School library

Our newly-renovated school library is an inviting and conducive space for students to read, collaborate and learn. It has a modern 21st century look to attract students and caters to their evolving needs. Besides shelves that are stocked with a wide range of books to cater to our students’ interests, the library has four distinct zones for different purposes:



1) Imagination Room – a Makers’ Space for both staff and students to work on projects and carry out generative discussions

2) Thinkers’ Space – a cosy space for reading

3) Reading Nook – a cosy space for younger learners to read

4) Digital Corner – digital learning devices available for learners to explore e-books, audio books and the Internet

Click here for a virtual tour of our school library. 

Class Library

Each class has its own class library as well. This gives students easy access to books daily.


Book Stop

A new addition to the school, the Book Stop was created to bring a snippet of the library to the canteen. This eye-catching mini library allows students to easily pick up a book during their recesses/lunch.


Useful Links


Storyline Onlinehttps://www.storylineonline.net/

Enjoy videos of children’s books read aloud alongside creatively produced illustrations at Storyline Online. 


School eResource Repository (SERR): https://schoolibrary.moe.edu.sg/eresourcespri/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/MSGTRNGEN/WPAC/ABOUT 

The School eResource Repository (SERR) is a virtual school library. It aims to promote recreational reading as well as support learning for students across various subject areas. The repository provides easy access to online resources.


NLB discoveReads (Children & Teens Services): https://childrenandteens.nlb.gov.sg/

Access storytelling videos, e-books, book recommendations and other reading-related resources at NLB discoveReads.

You will need an account to borrow e-books. Students may sign up for an account, with their parent's Singpass, here.


Unite for Literacy: https://www.uniteforliteracy.com/

Enjoy simple books at Unite for Literacy.


Audible: stories.audible.com/discovery

Enjoy free (for a limited time) audio books at Audible.

National Geographic Kids: https://kids.nationalgeographic.com/

Science News for Students: https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/