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Character and Citizenship Education

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Character Development @ Bendemeer Primary School

Our school strongly believes in its mission that every individual can be nurtured to be an independent learner with an inquiring mind and strong moral values.  To develop our pupils to be “Life-long Learners, Rooted in Values”, we provide opportunities for our pupils to develop into responsible individuals and understand their roles in shaping the future of our nation. The framework below depicts the interconnectedness of our school values which are in line with the CCE core values, social and emotional competencies and the 21st century competencies.


Learning Outcomes (LOs) for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)
Guided by our school vision, mission and the principles in developing a student-centric, value-driven education the educational years pupils spend in our school takes them through their social roles in the various domains of self, family, school, community, nation and the world.  We hope our pupils will exhibit the following behavioural traits at the respective portion of their schooling years.

Desired Behaviour Outcomes of a BDP Pupil

P1 & P2

P3 & P4

P5 & P6


Love for Self, family, nation and learning

·  Pupil shows love and concern to self, family and nation.

·  Pupil shows passion in learning new things, participates actively and works well with others during school activities.

·     Pupil forges meaningful friendships and demonstrates an appreciation of the people from multi-cultural society. 

·     Pupil has an inquisitive mind, is curious to gain new knowledge and is able to work collaboratively with others. 

·  Pupil develops a sense of national identity and an awareness of global issue.

·  Pupil understands the importance of collaborative learning by being proactive to extend their learning and shares the new knowledge with others. 


Keep trying and never give up

·    Pupil does not give up easily when facing difficulties.

·    Pupil handles conflicts and setbacks well to maintain positive relationships with others.

·    Pupil perseveres in the face of challenges and is able to manage conflicts effectively.


Think, speak and live right


·   Pupil is honest and tells the truth.

·   Pupil is reliable and makes responsible decisions.

·   Pupil is reliable and makes responsible decisions.


Work hard in all that I do

·    Pupil gives the best effort in completing tasks given.

·    Pupil is well organised and is conscientious in his or her work.

·    Pupil has a high level of self-confidence and takes initiative to set clear goals.


Think, feel and do good for others


·    Pupil shows understanding and shares the feelings of others.

·    Pupil shows care and kindness within his /her community. 

·    Pupil is responsive to the needs of others and takes initiative to help.