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Citizenhip and Character Education (Mother Tongue)


A classroom organization chart is given out to the Mother Tongue teachers every term. Teachers will ensure that pupils are given the opportunity to develop their leadership qualities by taking up these small but yet important roles in classroom management. These roles include Computer monitors, group monitors, AVA monitors and many other classroom responsiblities. Pupils hence feel important in taking up such roles and they are often praised by the teachers.


All pupils are participating in the School cleanliness programme. A duty roster is planned by the Form teachers for the pupils to follow. Mother Tongue teachers are rostered to monitor the cleanliness of the school. Points are allotted. At the end of every month, certificate is being given out to the cleanest class of the month.  


An assembly talk that was conducted by the Singa Ambassadors to introduce the week to the school.

A series of competition was also conducted for the different levels during the Mother Tongue periods, namely the Primary 5 and 6 story writing competition, Primary 3 and 4 Poster Drawing Competition and Primary 1 and 2 colouring competition. A Kindness Wall was also placed for students to post kind messages to their friends and even teachers.

The week concluded with a performance by our Kindness Cheerleaders and the

Singa Ambassadors as well as prize presentation for the various competitions.

Some of our happy prize winners

Singa Ambassadors showing examples of kindness

Our Cheerleaders showing their moves whilst spreading the message of kindness.

Student looking on intently at one of the winning posters.  


Photo Gallery

Students awaiting the results!

Polling from the public!

Students with the Silver Trophy! Congratulations!   

Toh Rui Xiang of 4I being interviewed!   


Students in Action!