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Music & Performing Arts

Bendemeer's TEMPO

Music and the performing arts is a key element in the holistic development of pupils at Bendemeer Primary School.  Bendemeer's TEMPO (Towards Enhancement of Music and Performing Arts Opportunities), is customised to develop our pupils' musical interest and sensitivity as well as hone their musical potential through the board-based music and performing arts programmes.  It also aims to provide talented pupils with opportunities to further pursue and hone their talents.  From these efforts, we hope to develop well-rounded children who re able to display basic musicianship, understand and exhibit the basic elements of dance and movement and who also have an appreciation for the Arts.

Every pupil in Bendemeer Primary would be exposed to both music and dance through the 6 levels.  We begin with broad-based programmes fro all pupils through PAL, modular CCA dance and music modules and classroom instruction taught by specialised music-trained teachers.  Beginning at Primary 1, a pupil would be equipped with basic music theory knowledge during their music lessons - note notation, rhythm, pitch and sight singing.  This builds the foundation for enriched Music learning as the pupil progresses through the levels and equips them with fundamental music knowledge which would be applied in the higher levels when they are introduced to different musical instruments and given opportunities to learn them.

Over the 6 years, all pupils will exposed to the 3 ethnic dance forms (Chinese, Malay and Indian dance) as part of our appreciation for local cultures, learn to play at least 6 instruments (ethnic drums, xylophone, recorder, cornet, keyboards and guitar) at a beginner level with the corresponding music knowledge required to play these instruments.  This exposure is to develop interest and provide real life application of music theory and 
knowledge required to play these instruments.  This exposure is to develop interest and provide real life application of music theory and knowledge and all for creative expression and enjoyment.

For pupils who show aptitude and interest in pursuing their talents further, they would be identified through the modular CCA dance and music modules and given the opportunity to participate in our niche CCAS - ethnic dances or Concert Band at Primary 3.  In these niche CCAs, they are given the time and space to learn in greater depth music and different dance forms and are also able to develop confidence when performing in front of a live audience.

The learning experiences that pupils undergo in music and dance in Bendemeer Primary allow for pupils to learn experientially the core values of responsibility - in caring for their instruments, resilience - in overcoming the initial difficulties in learning an instrument or a new dance form, respect for different cultures as well as promoting the value of harmony and care where pupils learn that dance and music requires one to be a team player and heightens the concepts of interdependence and independence when working together as a team.