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Chinese Language


Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight

Mother Tongue Language Fortnight is a key annual event to provide an engaging environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). 

Key Highlights of MTL Fortnight:

MTL Fortnight Activities and Competition
A variety of activities are organised to encourage pupils to actively use MTL and appreciate its associated culture. Pupils also participate in various MTL competitions such as storytelling, choral recitation, singing, penmanship and creative writing competition.

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Cultural booths
Cultural booths are set up in the school canteen to allow pupils to learn more about the tradition and culture.

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Cultural Appreciation Activities
Cultural activities allow pupils to experience their culture through hand-on activities.

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Other activities

MTL Cultural Camp
Mother Tongue Language Cultural Camp is an annual key programme for our P3 pupils. It creates an exciting environment for pupils to learn and appreciate Mother Tongue Language (MTL) and its culture.

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Conversational Chinese Programme
Conversational Chinese Programme is organised to expose our P3 and P4 non-Chinese pupils to Chinese Language and its culture. By exposing our pupils to different Mother Tongue languages, we hope to emphasize the importance of racial harmony to our pupils.

Reading Programme
The Reading Programme aims to instil a love for reading through structured curriculum reading periods, silent reading every Thursday and Friday mornings, coupled with other school-based reading activities.
Our parent volunteers conduct reading activities in our school library for our P1 and P2 pupils during recesses.

Speech & Drama Programme
P2 pupils are given the opportunity to attend Speech and Drama lessons to enhance the oral and listening skills as well as to build pupils’ confidence and self-esteem through drama.

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