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Malay Language


Pesta Bahasa (Malay Language Festival)

This April, our pupils took part in all the various categories from P1 to P6 in the Pesta Bahasa. This annual competition held by at a national level provides a platform for our pupils to showcase their command of Malay Language in various genres such as an idiom skit, rap and poetry recitation. All their hard work paid off as we brought home the champion’s trophy as overall winner.

Reading Programme 2016

The Reading Programme is part of our curriculum and catered for P1-P5. There are two parts to the Reading Programme; Basic Reading (Bacaan Asas) and Extensive Reading (Bacaan Luas). Through this Reading Programme, the pupils are able to widen their general knowledge as well as improve on their vocabulary, understanding of text and sentence structure.

MTL Fortnight (Competitions)

The competitions that were held in Term 2 as part of the MTL Fortnight activities were filled with various categories such as the singing of folk songs, promotion of item skit and even pantun writing. Through the competitions, the pupils were given a chance to immerse themselves in the cultural aspects of the Malay Language. The smiles on their faces definitely show their excitement.

Our Primary 1 pupils dancing and singing to Lagu Tiga Kupang, a Malay Folk song.
Our Primary 1 pupils dancing and singing to Lagu Tiga Kupang, a Malay Folk song.
The winners. We won the overall champion trophy for Pesta Bahasa 2016. This was taken with the GOH, Mr Alex Yam.
Our Primary 4 pupils receiving their trophies from the guest-of-honor, Mr Alex Yam.  
Our Primary 3 pupils acting out their item promotion skit during the MTL fortnight competitions.
One of the Primary 6 pupil, Arn Hasmil deep in thought writing his pantun for the creative writing competition during the MTL fortnight competitions.
Our Primary 1 pupils dancing and singing to a Malay Folk song during the MTL fortnight competitions.
Reading programme: Extensive reading lesson being carried out using a Big Book
Reading programme: A P2 pupil focusing on filling in her reading log.
Reading programme: Students deep in concentration when reading the story book of their choice.

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