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Our school aims to provide pupils with learning experiences that are engaging to develop the process of scientific thinking, and help pupils relate the role of Science in their daily life, society and the environment.
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P4 pupils building a human  digestive system model

image 2.jpg
                          Pupils presenting their findings for their         Pupils' Problem-based learning work
                                 Problem-based learning (PBL)

Our school has a series of Life Science Programmes for the pupils. For example, pupils get to participate in corn genetics to get them excited about the field of genetics. They also get to breed butterflies to learn how to take care of caterpillars and acquire more about their life cycle.
image 4.jpg
                                          Corn Genetics: Pupils excited about their multi-coloured corns

Science Trails are conducted in our garden to help pupils get in touch with nature and better appreciate our environment.

science 1.jpg
Learning beyond the classroom- eco-trails

The Science in Stellar Programme for P1 and P2 pupils helps stimulate their interest in the subject at a young age. Teachers make use of story-telling and learning stations to integrate the learning of Science.

image 12.jpg
                              Pupils taking care of caterpillars (ties in with Stellar Book, "A butterfly is born")

Science Week seeks to foster in our pupils the sense of curiosity in the world around them. As they engage in the activities, pupils will learn to enjoy and value Science as an important aspect in helping them explore their natural and physical world.

image 13.jpg
                               Parent volunteers actively involved in P1       P3 pupils growing their own plant
                                               and P2 Science Week


The school has two science laboratories that are fully equipped with apparatus and resources to facilitate the teaching and learning of Science. Science practical tests and lessons are conducted in the two laboratories. 

To allow pupils to learn beyond the walls of the classroom, our school has a Science Garden and Science pond so that outdoor lessons can be planned for the pupils.
image 14.jpg
                                                            Our Eco-pond with beautiful flora and fauna

image 15.jpg
                                           Products of hydroponics                   Pupils doing hydroponics