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Non-Teaching Staff

Operations Manager
Operations Manager
Administration Manager Administration Manager
Operation Manager - Mr Tan Hwee Kheng.JPG Mr Tan Hwee Kheng Mr Jason Wong.jpg
 Mr Jason Wong
Administration Manager - Mr Huong Yew Ching.JPG
Mr Huong Yew Ching
Mdm D Geetha1.jpg
Mdm D Geetha
Administrative Executive Relief Management Support Officer Relief Management Support Officer Management Support Officer
Account Executive - Mdm Samania Amat.JPG
Mdm Samania Amat
Management Support Officer - Mdm Eliza Goh.JPGMdm Goh Lay Tin Eliza
Mdm Noridah Ab Rahman.JPGMdm Noridah Ab Rahman Management Support Officer - Mdm Katherine Tan Ah Choo.JPG
  Mdm Katherine Felicia 
Tan Ah Choo

Allied Educator Learning and Behaviour Support Officer Allied Educator Counsellor
Part Time School Counsellor
ICT Executive
Allied Educator  and Behavioural Support Officer - Mr Caleb Yek.JPG
Mr Caleb Yek Kok Hwa 
Allied Educator Counsellor - Ms Leong Puay Lee.JPG

Ms Leong Puay Lee Louise

Mdm Lucy Yeo.JPG
Lucy Yeo 
ICT Executive - Ms Vivienne Serrano.JPGMiss Vivienne Serrano
IT Technology AssistantICT Trainer Librarian SPE
IT Technology Assistant - Mr Syed Mawla.JPG

Mr Syed Mawla

Mdm Sasikala Thanigaivelu.jpgMdm Sasikala

Librarian - Mrs Soo Kok Weng.JPGMrs Soo Kok Weng
School Programme Executive - Ms Nur Fadzila.JPGMs Nur Fadzila
Operations Support Officer Operations Support Officer Operations Support Officer Operations Support Officer
Operations Support Officer - Mdm Nallan Saraswathi.JPG Mdm Nallan Sarasvathi
Operations Support Officer -  Mdm Paravathi Koonjikannan.JPG Mdm Paravathi d/o Koonjikannan
Operations Support Officer -  Ms Rosita Bte Abdul Kadir.JPG
Mdm Rosita Bte Abdul Kadir
Operations Support Officer - Mdm Liaw Geok Kim.JPG
Mdm Liaw Geok Kim
Operations Support Officer Security
Operations Support Officer -  Mr Sujono Bin Sujak.JPG Mr Sujono B Sujak Security - Mr Marimuthu.JPG Mr Marimuthu s/o Socklingam

Security - Mr Koh Cheng Hock.JPG

Mr Koh Cheng Hock