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Student Leadership

BDP Student Leadership Programme


Bendemeer Primary School’s student leadership programme aims to develop pupils into becoming confident leaders with inquiring minds and strong moral values. Our leadership programme spans across the 6 levels and pupils are equipped with effective communication and leadership skills so as to allow them to mature into responsible, resilient and caring individuals.

The 6 year programme begins with PAL for Primary 1s and 2s where the emphasis is on developing pupils’ socio-emotional competencies such as self-management, self-awareness and relationship management. This is followed by cohort leadership training sessions in Primary 3 and 4 where pupils are given opportunities to acquire leadership skills, managing oneself and others as well as learning to communicate with team members. The Primary 5 leadership programme focuses on further developing our pupils to be confident leaders, providing them platforms and opportunities to apply the leadership and communication skills acquired through the annual Primary 5 camp as well as through self-initiated projects for selected student leaders to benefit the school community at large. Finally, at Primary 6, the programme sees pupils learning to set short and long term goals for themselves and work towards achieving these goals through self-leadership skills and motivation.

The following are more details on some of our key student leadership

Programme for Active Learning

Bendemeer Primary school is in its sixth year of conducting Programme For Active Learning (PAL). Our PAL programme consists of four modules conducted for P1 and P2 pupils during curriculum time from 11.30 pm to 1.30 pm. The schedule for the modules in our school is as follows:

Level Term 1
Term 2
Term 3/4
Primary 1
Outdoor Education
Sports Performing Arts
Primary 2
Outdoor Education
Performing Arts (drama) Sports

The characteristics of PAL lessons are experiential, fun, enjoyable, encompass learning in a creative way, provide opportunities for pupils to create and incorporate values education and social and emotional learning.

The three main learning outcomes of our PAL lessons are:
  • exhibit confidence and enjoy individual and group experiences
  • generate ideas and express themselves creatively
  • explore and extend knowledge and skills in their daily lives

Outdoor Education

2.jpg 3.jpg

Visual Art

Working with different types of materials

Sports Education

5.jpgPlaying with different types of equipment 6.jpgPlaying with different types of equipment

Performing Arts

7.jpgExploring sounds 8.jpg
Playing different types of instruments

P3 & P4 Cohort Leadership Programme

This programme enables pupils to learn about goal setting and time management. Through lessons and games, pupils are encouraged and motivated to exhibit their personal qualities and apply their strengths to be a good leader of their team. At the same time, they also learn how to communicate effectively.

P5 Student Leadership Programme

The P5 Student Leadership Programme is carried out at our annual P5 camp. This camp seeks to develop pupils’ team leadership skills as well as to hone their communication and collaborative skills. Pupils will undergo outdoor activities which allow them to build their confidence as well as to learn to work together with their schoolmates.

 Conquering the high rope elements
 Abseiling – a lesson in trust and confidence

Selected student leaders will also undergo an additional leadership programme which consists of theory and hands-on sessions where pupils take ownership of their own learning through collaborative activities as well as problem solving discussions.

The leadership programme also aims to develop pupils’ confidence and hone their leadership skills. Through exciting and creative games and activities, student leaders realise the true meaning of leadership and also develop lifelong skills such as critical thinking skills and persuasive communication skills.

Building confidence through public speaking
Working together to problem-solve
Developing effective communication skills

P6 Student Leadership Pogramme

The P6 Leadership programme focuses on self-leadership. Using movies and video clips, pupils are taught goal setting, stress and time management skills. Pupils are given opportunities to explore and discuss their short and long term goals, provided with platforms to encourage one another and also learn how to plan a realistic study timetable to help them manage their studies. Through this programme, pupils gain a greater awareness and understanding of themselves as well as provide them with a goal to work towards.

Presentation of short and long term

BDP Prefectorial Board

Prefects go through a stringent selection process before they are officially appointed. Both form teachers and MT teachers recommend pupils who are good role models with exemplary behaviour and leadership qualities to be prefects at the end of every year.

Prefects undergo a special training which further hones their leadership skills and equips them with skills in managing conflicts and fostering better relationships within the student community. A special aspect of this training focuses on presentation skills and building pupils’ confidence in public speaking.

An inaugural Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony was held to formally appoint our Prefects. This ceremony symbolises the school’s commitment in developing prefects, and also affirms the importance of their roles in the school.


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