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MOE Kindergarten

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MOE Kindergarten at Bendemeer Primary School

We are pleased to inform you that MOE will be setting up an MOE Kindergarten (MK) within Bendemeer Primary School. The MK at Bendemeer Primary School will enrol Kindergarten 1 (K1) children from January 2023. The MOE Kindergarten registration exercise for 2023 K1 admission would be held in early 2022.


MOE has been running MKs since 2014 to provide A Strong Start for Every Child. The MK Curriculum nurtures children holistically so that they are confident, demonstrate strong social skills and have a good foundation in literacy and numeracy.


The siting of an MK in our school will offer enriched learning experiences for the school community. Our students will develop social and interpersonal skills by participating in joint activities with the younger children. Our school teachers will also benefit from a mutual understanding of educational programmes in the MK and primary schools. Our school will be strongly supported by MOE HQ in the setting up of the MK. Please refer to the photos below for an illustration of the vibrant learning environment and age-appropriate facilities for MK. 

Vibrant Learning Environment and Age-appropriate Facilities (Illustration)



MK Classrooms



Outdoor Play Areas

In support of our MK operations, the school will also offer Kindergarten Care (KCare) services to our MK students before or after their Kindergarten curriculum time. KCare is an optional add-on care service to provide our children with varied play experiences through specially designed environments and carefully chosen resources.


The programme hours for MK and KCare are as follows:

MK Programme only

(4-hr sessions, follows MOE Sch Calendar)

Full-day MK & KCare Programme

(Mon – Fri, closed on Sat, Sun & PHs)

MK (AM Session)

MK (PM Session)

MK (AM Session)

MK (PM Session)

8am – 12pm (MK)

1pm – 5pm (MK)

7am - 8am (KCare)

8am - 12pm (MK)

12pm - 7pm (KCare)

7am - 1pm (KCare)

1pm - 5pm (MK)

5pm – 7pm (KCare)

For more information on MOE Kindergarten, Open House and Registration Exercise for K1 Admission, you can visit www.moe.gov.sg/mk, or call the MOE Customer Service Centre at 6872 2220 (Mondays to Fridays: 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.).