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Health Education

The Health Education Department aims to promote holistic wellness in pupils and the staff of Bendemeer Primary School by inculcating good health habits and attitudes in them. They are encouraged to make the right choices to lead a healthy lifestyle.


1.  Healthy Meals in Schools Programme

In 2016, our school started adopting the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme. This programme provides food service guidelines for the school canteen and aims to cultivate good eating habits amongst our pupils and our staff, so that they will be accustomed to consume fruit, vegetables and whole grains as part of their daily diet. The school works together with the stall vendors to ensure that nutritious foods are sold. The stall vendors sell set meals which include a fruit serving. The school also ensures that the sweetened drinks sold carry the Healthier Choice Symbol.  


2. Fruttie-Veggie Bite Programme 

With the implementation of the Healthy Meals in Schools Programme, our pupils and staff will already have the adequate servings of fruit and vegetables in their set meals. Parent Volunteers are invited to set up a booth in the canteen to specially prepare healthy snacks using fruits and vegetables for the pupils to sample during recess as part of the programme.


3. HeArts Day Refreshment for Staff

In collaboration with the Staff Welfare Committee, fruits and/or healthier snack options are provided for the staff after they have completed their HeArts day activities.


4.  Dental Talk

Every year the school Dental Therapist conducts dental health talk for the Primary 1 students. The Primary 1 pupils were introduced to dental decay. They also learned proper ways of brushing their teeth.


The school organises Oral Health Promotion Programme for all Primary 3 students. The school dental staff conducted a talk on dental plague. The students also went through a session on how to use the disclosing toothpaste and how to brush properly and effectively.  


A dental health talk is conducted for all P5 students. It allows pupils to learn more about gum diseases and oral care. Pupils are reminded to take good care of their teeth and form the habit of brushing their teeth at least twice a day