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Department Vision: Hands-on Learners With The Passion To Care For Our Environment



JEA taking the Eco-Pledge


Weekly Recycling


Hands-on Activity during science lessons


Pupils learning the use of dataloggers


P3 Hydroponics Programme


Our school aims to provide pupils with learning experiences that are engaging to develop the process of scientific thinking, and help pupils relate the role of Science in their daily life, society and the environment.

To enhance the students’ learning of Science concepts, a myriad of activities and outdoor learning experiences are planned for them. For example, students get to plant their own vegetables through hydroponics and planting kits provided for them. Science Trails are conducted in our garden to enhance their learning of the various interactions among the different organisms and the environment around them. Students also get to go on learning journeys such as the Botanic Garden and Sungei Bulor to help them get in touch with nature and better appreciate our environment.

In addition, to build up the students’ awareness of the various environmental issues, a variety of events and activities are organised for them. The students participate in the school’s weekly recycling programme where they would recycle their used papers and plastic bottles. The school also commemorate World Water Day and Earth Day yearly and a host of activities would be held during their recess time. To further inculcate their love for their environment, pre-assembly talks are conducted by the teachers on a regular basis.


The school has two science laboratories that are fully equipped with apparatus and resources to facilitate the teaching and learning of Science. Science practical tests and lessons are conducted in the two laboratories. 

To allow pupils to learn beyond the walls of the classroom, our school has a Science Garden and Science pond so that outdoor lessons can be planned for the pupils

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