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Vision and Mission

The vision of the English Department is to ensure that every student of Bendemeer is a confident and competent communicator. In order to realise this vision, the department has planned a six-year programme to provide our pupils with a strong foundation and exposure to rich language. The mission of the English Department is to inspire the love of learning through rich learning activities and positive role modelling. The English department has also embarked on Strategy-based instruction as its key approach to teaching EL.

The following is an overview of the P1-P6 EL Programmes:


STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)

STELLAR’s vision is for all children to develop a love for reading and hence the use of interesting and engaging stories in the STELLAR curriculum. The lower primary STELLAR strategies are the Shared Book Approach (SBA), the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) and Learning Centres. The strategies at the Upper Primary are Guided Reading, Supported Reading, KWL and Retelling.

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P1 Pupils engaged in the MLEA activity of sandwich making for their STELLAR Unit “The Hungry Giant”, while P2 pupils have a go at shells for their STELLAR unit “Life in a Shell’.

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Reading is crucial to a child’s success across all contexts in school. The school has embarked on the “I Read, You Read, We Read” approach to reading where teachers positively role model reading. One period in the weekly timetable is set aside for reading. The objective of the reading period is to inculcate in pupils a love of reading. During the reading period, teachers weave in discussions based on Critical Literacy, and use newspapers to share about current affairs as well as visit the library to be immersed in the wonderful world of books. Other reading programmes include:

Book Talk: Primary 1 to Primary 5 Students are encouraged to write a synopsis of a book read. Then they would stand in front of their classmates and share what they have written. This also fosters confidence building and student-student relationship.

Reading Stars: Selected Primary 1 and Primary 2 students are provided with additional small group reading intervention after school to build their literacy and comprehension skills.


Teachers and parent volunteers read to children to enhance their reading fluency. 

Book Stop: To build a strong reading culture, Book Stop, which features the school mascot driving a mini-library of books, is brought to the canteen. By creating a print-rich environment in school, students are encouraged to read avidly at every opportunity.


Students visit the Book Stop and read during recess. 


A spiral progression of skills is key to systematic teaching and learning of writing. Building on the principles of the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) at the Lower Primary, the Writing Process Cycle (WPC) continues to provide pupils with guidance in planning, writing and reviewing their work at the Middle and Upper Primary levels. Students practise writing on their free writing journals and tailored Writing Packages. In addition, Bendemeer Otter Times is the school’s annual publication that showcases good English compositions by our very own budding writers. In each issue, readers follow Ben, the school mascot, on an adventure to get inspiration and tips for good writing. In the process, our students are also inspired to adopt a Growth Mindset, taking concrete steps to improve their writing. 

Otter Times 2021_1.jpg

The attractive format of the publication inspires students to write well while earning a chance to be featured. Click here to read the publication.


The objectives of the Bendemeer Oracy Programme are to build confident and competent communicators who 1) understand the key features of spoken language; and 2) can craft presentations using a variety of skills and strategies, according to the purpose, audience, context and culture.

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Our Speech and Drama lessons are so much fun!

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A class presentation during our Public Speaking lessons.

A Vibrant English Environment

English Week

The objectives of English Week are to:   

· Arouse pupils’ interest in English Language through fun, engaging activities

· Provide students with a platform to showcase their productions in various forms and to engage in purposeful communication with their teachers and peers

· Engage students in various areas of English language learning (speaking, writing, reading, listening) through modes beyond the scheme of work e.g. literature appreciation and language games

Students engage in activities such as a reader’s theatre performance, journalism and English Language games. It is truly a week where students enjoy the wonders of the English Language.

Speak Good English at BPS

The school’s very own Good English speaking mascot- Grammar Grandma makes her appearance once a term to remind students on the importance of speaking well. In addition to her highly entertaining yet educational talks there are quizzes for both staff and students on the right way to speak English!

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Young journalists and role play activities during English Week


P4 Journalism Programme

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