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The English Department, with its vision, “Avid Reader, Budding Writer, Effective Communicator” and mission, “to equip students with listening, speaking, reading and writing skills so as to be effective communicators” has planned a series of programmes to provide our students a strong foundation and exposure to rich language in line with MOE’s new English Language Syllabus 2010’s approach to teaching.  The key focus of the English Department is on developing the reading skills of our students for research has shown that failure to read by 9 years of age will lead to a lifetime of illiteracy for at least 70% of struggling readers.

Reading Period

The objective of the reading period is to inculcate in students a love of reading by exposing them to a range of reading materials and topics. It is conducted once a week in the curriculum. During the reading period, teachers weave in discussions based on Critical Literacy, and use newspapers to share about current affairs, as well as to encourage students to adopt critical perspectives toward a text. 

Reading Stars

It is a programme which sees our teachers and parent volunteers reading to and with students from our Learning Support Programme to inculcate in them a love for reading. 

english 1.jpg

Teachers and Parent-volunteers reading to and with our students

Weekly storytelling during pre-assembly 
Teachers are scheduled to read aloud a story every Morning during pre-assembly to provide our students exposure to the rich language found in story books.


STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading)

STELLAR's vision is for all children to develop a love for reading and hence the use of interesting and engaging stories in the STELLAR curriculum.  The lower primary STELLAR strategies are the Shared Book Approach (SBA), the Modified Language Experience Approach (MLEA) and Learning Centres.  The strategies at the Upper Primary are Guided Reading, Supported Reading, KWL and Retelling.

english 2.jpg

Students engaged in the MLEA activity of sandwich making.  Students write about their MLEA activity.

Assessment for Learning

The department believes in Assessment for Learning (AfL) and introduced an oral feedback form that teachers use during the oral examinations to provide feedback to the students for improvement. 

Oracy Programme

The objectives of the Bendemeer Oracy Programme are to build students’ confidence and self-esteem, produce students who are vocally and physically expressive in the English Language and promote and foster an enjoyment of the language in all forms.


                       Our students showcasing their newly acquired skills in performances for their school mates.

In addition, the department also leverages on online recording tool and thinking routines in Student Learning Space (SLS) as well as Flipgrid for language learning and application.

english 3.jpg

Students learning to become confident and effective communicators using Fligrid, a social app that allows video recording and peer verbal feedback.

Fun with English! 

The department has also planned exciting and interactive activities to encourage and instil the joy of learning the English language. The Primary 1 to 5 levels take part in English Language week activities. Students are introduced to Reader's Theatre's, a strategy for developing reading fluency.  They have fun learning to read with expression and making props which bring live to their stories.  In addition, students get to apply their reading comprehension skills, grammar skills and vocabulary knowledge by taking part in games and other interactive activities planned for them.     

english 4.jpg

Learning to read fluently and expressively through Reader’s Theatre.


english 5.jpg

Learning language through charade.

english 6.jpg

Learning language through games.

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