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Principal's Message


In Bendemeer Primary School, every child is our pride. We strive to give them the best. We want our pupils to enjoy learning in a conducive school environment that is inviting, fun and bustling with joy and excitement. We want to shape our pupils’ character and help them to discover their potential. We want them to be proud of themselves and in return, their parents and school to be proud of them. Do visit the ‘Achievement’ segment on our school webpage to learn of some of the outstanding achievements that our pupils have attained. 

To further strengthen our pupils’ pride and love for the school, we have added many new learning features in the school. Since the Science-Eco garden was added to our existing physical structure in 2016, our teachers have been conducting interesting Science trails and outdoor lessons for our children. Our children love to go to our Science-Eco garden for its beautiful and peaceful surroundings. Some even spend their time doing school work there. Besides the Science-Eco garden, our children also enjoy ‘conquering’ the indoor bouldering wall where they learn basic bouldering skills as well as the values of perseverance, resilience and teamwork. 

In 2017, further enhancements were made to the school’s infrastructure.  Non-slip flooring was added to the basketball and netball courts to ensure the safety of our children during playtime. In addition, we maximised every available space in the school by transforming them into learning resources and space for our children. As our children exit from the school library, they walk into a Mathematic Trail where they learn basic numeracy and this is followed by a walk through the National Education gallery where our children learn about Singapore’s past, present and future challenges and aspirations. Our children also learn about hydroponics at our roof-top garden powered by solar panels on level 3. Located on level 5 (Block F) is our new Art Gallery where we exhibit our children’s creative and lovely art work. In our school canteen, we have also included a Digital Hub, a Health corner, table soccers and Math games to encourage our children to exercise and to have healthy competition and interaction among themselves. 

In addition to our infrastructure, we have also introduced Modular CCA which exposed our children to varied activities throughout the year. In Modular CCA, our children learn a variety of skills ranging from basic life skills such as meal preparations, packing for a trip to bouldering, fencing and In-Line Skating. All these would not be possible without the SAC and our parents’ strong support and encouragement. To further engage and partner our parents, we have conducted several workshops and parent-child bonding session. These are made possible through the school’s partnership with MSF on this FamilyMatters@Schools programme. We encourage parents to keep a lookout for the invitation to the various workshops and seminars.

Bendemeer Primary School and Balestier Hill Primary School will come together as one in 2019. A parent approached me to share the key message about this merger. My sharing is this: A pair of chopsticks, can be broken easily. However, when we put two pairs of chopsticks together, it will be become stronger and harder to break. It is my belief that the merger will bring about a stronger school in Bendemeer. It is my hope that pupils, staff, parents and stakeholders will embrace this positive mindset as we approach merger. 

In Bendemeer, we will continue to create a joyful and vibrant learning environment in the school. With the strong support from SAC and parents as our partners, I am confident that One Bendemeer spirit and One Bendemeer Heartbeat will spur us to bring out the very best in each and every one of our pupil. 

Together, we can achieve more!