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School Crest/ Mission/ Vision/ Motto/ Values

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The school badge of Bendemeer Primary School is created as a result of the merger of Balestier Hill Primary School and Bendemeer Primary School in 2019.

The school crest consists of four equal sections. Each feature of the section has its own distinctive meaning and significance.  In the top left section is a globe that signifies that our students will develop critical thinking about complex global issues as global citizen and yet to be rooted to their homeland Singapore, signified by the dynamic red lion on the bottom left section.  The bottom-right section signifies the students, staff, parents and community working together hand-in-hand to nurture our students to be the best they can be.  The top right section is the acronym of our school Bendemeer Primary School.

The shield is supported by our motto - "Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders" lauded on a banner.  We believe that each of our students will strive to be a confident person, self-directed learner with strong moral values and to lead themselves and others for the glory of our nation.  The four colours on the school crest are red, blue, yellow and white.  Red signifies integrity and passion for learning, blue symbolises peace and harmony, white signifies courage and virtue, yellow stands for confidence and vibrancy.

School Mission

Nurture every individual to be a self-Directed Learner with strong moral values.

Pupils' Perspective:
To learn responsibility for their own learning
To develop curiosity about the world around them
To understand and internalize the values that will benefit self and society
To be able to discern right from wrong

School Vision

Lifelong Learners, Rooted in Values

Pupils' Perspective: 
A pupil who makes learning a part of his/her life and is guided by values in his/ her quest for knowledge and its use.

School Motto

Today’s Learners, Tomorrow’s Leaders

School Values

School Values Pupils' Perspective
P- Passion Love for self, family, nation and learning
R - Resilience Keep trying and never give up
I - Integrity Think, speak and live right
D - Diligence Work hard in all that I do
E - EmpathyThink, feel and do good for others

School Philosophy

We believe that all children can learn and achieve when they are given the right environment and support.

School Strategic Thrust

Thrust 1

Pupils Our Focus

Thrust 2

Staff Our Asset

Thrust 3

Partners Our Link