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School Rules

The following school rules and regulations are put in place to develop good behaviour and good attitude among pupils.
All pupils are expected to:
1. Be punctual for school and all school activities.
2. Hand in all assignments on time.
3. Be responsible for their own personal tidiness and dress smartly.  
4. Students must wear the prescribed school uniform and modifications to the uniform is not allowed.
5. Be responsible for the cleanliness of their classroom and the school compound.
6. Respect school property and the property of others.
7. Participate fully in the flag raising/lowering & pledge taking ceremonies.  (Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and take the Pledge.  Pupils will take the pledge with the right fist place over their heart). 
8. Be quiet and move around the school premises in an orderly manner at all times. No running along the corridor is allowed.
9. All students are not allowed to wear any jewellery or accessories to school.

Prohibited Items
All pupils are not allowed to have in their possession any weapon. They are also not allowed to bring weapon-like items or items which are banned by State, prohibited for use in school and/or cause nuisance or disruption to other students or teachers and items which are used or intended to be used to cause harm to others. Items that can be confiscated include:

-combs with pointed ends
-knives (including penknives)
-laser pointer
-magic cards and all other playing cards
-mobile phones (if seen or heard)
-electronic toys/ soft toys
-music players
-substances that can be abused
-chewing gum
-accessories that are not part of the school uniform, if worn e.g: bandannas, nose studs

Parents/guardians will be called to collect the confiscated items from the school. All confiscated items will be handed over to the parents after they have signed an acknowledgement letter of the child irresponsible behaviour.
10. Obey and respect teachers, support staff, parent volunteers, class leaders, student leaders and the elders.
11. Switch off the lights and fans and close the doors when leaving the classroom for recess/dismissal. 
12. Ask for permission before leaving the classroom. Students must obtain an Errand/Toilet Tag from the teacher before leaving the classroom for any reason.
13. Stay within the school compound during curriculum as well as remedial lessons and CCAs on school days.
14. Refrain from fighting.
15. Use proper language at all times. Students are not allowed to use vulgarities or insulting /humiliating/embarrassing and/or abusive words.
16. Behave well and be courteous within and outside the school premises.

Handphone Policy

17. We strongly encourage our students to use the school’s phone in the General Office to contact parents if they are not feeling well or in an emergency. Hence, there is no need for them to bring a handphone to school.
18. However, if the students bring a handphone to school, they are responsible to keep it safely with them. All phones are to be switched off and can only be switched on after school at 1.30pm in the canteen or school foyer.
19. The school shall not be responsible for the loss of the handphone due to whatever reasons-theft, carelessness, negligence, etc. As school curriculum time is sacred and disruption to teaching and learning is viewed very seriously, the school will not assist in conducting any search of the school premises or individual student to locate the missing handphone.
20. Student’s handphone will be confiscated by the school staff if he/she misuses the handphone during curriculum time, CCA, remedial or supplementary lessons. The Pupil Management team will contact the parent to collect the handphone.
21. During national examinations, students must hand over their handphones to the General Office for safe-keeping and will be able to retrieve it after the end of the examination. Students found with handphones in their possession during the examinations will be deemed as having the intention to cheat and will be dealt with in accordance to the examination rules.