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School Mascot

Launch of School Mascot


Bendemeer Primary School proudly launched our school’s very own mascot – ‘Ben’ The Otter on 3rd February 2020. As Ben danced and made his grand entrance, students welcomed him by waving their mini otter flags excitedly. Our school adopted the otter to be the role model mascot due to their positive attributes and values such as teamwork, passion and resilience.

Prefects worked as a team to brainstorm a variety of names and presented to the school to get the students to vote for their favourite name for the mascot. The objective of launching a mascot is to create loyal supporters of our students, staff and parents as it will be a recognizable symbol of our school. It also represents the values every Bendemeer student should cultivate and exhibit from the otter’s family. 

Ben is now a new member who has joined our Bendemeer family and will always be part of our school’s future vital events. 

Digital Illustrations of Ben 

With the introduction of our school mascot, BEN the otter, last year, Bendemeer Primary School has launched the digital illustrations of BEN in eight different images. This is to encourage our staff to use these digital illustrations in their department’s projects, presentations and posters to highlight and reinforce our ASPIRE values to our students in a fun and lively way. Ben is our

School’s Values Ambassador. He serves to reinforce key messages and values that every student should aspire towards. He also represents the different vital aspects of our school. The eight images are namely Ben the Explorer, Learner, Host, Values Ambassador, Athlete, Musician, Artist and ICT Champ.

Ben illustrations.jpg