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Indian Dance

Teachers in charge

  1. Mrs Meena (1st IC)
  2. Mrs Vannan (2nd IC)
  3. Mdm Ng GJ
  4. Mdm Ramiah
  5. Mdm Khadijah
  6. Mdm Jeyanthi Kesavan (Instructor)

CCA Schedule

Every Tuesday – 8am to 9.30am
Extra trainings will be held on Wednesdays from 2pm to 4pm


The Indian Dance Club was formed in 2007 with a small group of P2 pupils. Currently we have a total of 23 pupils from P3-P6. Indian dance club is a platform for pupils to showcase their capabilities and strengths in the performing arts such as dance. Pupils are exposed to National Competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) every two years. They are also given the opportunity to perform in school events and programmes organized by external organizations. Indian Dance pupils undergo basic dance steps training during the first month. Sectional training is conducted by the teachers-in-charge for some pupils who require more guidance in acquiring the dance skills. Pupils learn contemporary, classical and Bollywood styles of Indian dance to gain greater exposure. 


  • To promote the passion for Indian dance among pupils and provide opportunities to expose and develop their talent. 
  • To develop pupils’ social emotional learning (SEL) through their weekly learning process and team work. Pupils who demonstrate positive SEL will be awarded with ‘Indian Dance Values Award’ certificate every semester. 
  • To develop pupils’ reflective skills by penning down their learning points and feelings on their Indian Dance Journal booklet designed by the Indian Dance teachers-in-charge. 


  • 2018 - SYF Certificate of Distinction
  • 2016 - SYF Certificate of Accomplishment

Public Performances

Our Indian Dance pupils have performed in Kolam Ayer CC events and Town Council events. In 2017 our pupils performed for ‘Music in the City’ event hosted by Ngee Ann City Mall. 

Video Montage of pupils in action