The Overall CCA Programme in the school consists of Modular CCA and Niche CCA.

Modular CCA is introduced for all students.  In alignment to PERI recommendation of the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) for lower Primary, PAL will be subsumed as part of the Modular CCA for Primary 1 and Primary 2 (total 2 hours a week).  For Primary 3 to Primary 6 students, Modular CCA aims to encourage mass participation in sports enrichment, performing arts enrichment and life skills programmes (total 1.5 hours a week).

There are 3 different types of Niche CCAs, namely Sports and Games, Performing Arts and Clubs. For Sports and Games Niche CCAs, our school offers Floorball, Rope-Skipping, Sepak Takraw, Track and Field and Wushu, For Performing Arts Niche CCAs, our school offers Concert Band, Chinese, Malay and Indian Dances.  For Niche Clubs, our school offers Art and Robotics Clubs.

Niche CCAs is for selected students who have been selected to take part to these CCAs and they will be trained for both internal and external competitions and performances.  Depending on the training schedules, these Niche CCAs may be conducted during Modular CCA timing and/or outside curricular hours.  Students will receive a Niche CCA Option Form upon their selection for the Niche CCAs and consent forms to inform parents of the training schedules and activities if the training is done outside curricular hours.

Rationale for Overall CCA Programme

· Impart knowledge, skills and values through the CCA programme

· Provide opportunities for all students to have a wide variety of learning experiences, including experiences pupils may not have a chance to learn on their own

· Unearth hidden talents amongst students as part of the school’s talent development efforts