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Student Leadership

Developing a gracious community of passionate learners and confident leaders

Bendemeer Primary School's student leadership programmes aim to develop students into becoming a gracious community of confident leaders with inquiring minds and strong moral values. Our leadership framework, which is divided into three tiers, spans across the six primary levels. Our students are equipped with effective communication and leadership skills so as to allow them to mature into responsible, resilient and caring individuals. We believe in providing opportunities for all students to assume leadership roles so they are many leadership opportunities and platforms available at Bendemeer Primary where students are able to lead themselves, others and play an active role in bettering the lives of others in the community.


At Primary 1 and 2, students learn socio-emotional competencies like self and social awareness as well as relationship management and responsible decision making through PAL. Through modules like outdoor education and drama, students are provided authentic experiences to learn how to work together as a team and to reflect on their experiences in their leadership journey.


All Primary 3 and 4 students undergo a Cohort Leadership Training where students learn self and team leadership skills such as how to communicate effectively with one another to achieve a common goal. It provides a platform for students to interact with their schoolmates and care for the school through the Kindness Movement, Happy Toilet Programme and P1 Buddy Programme. Our Primary 4 student leaders also reach out to the community during the three major festivals by preparing greeting cards and giving them out to our friendly neighbourhood shop owners.


At Primary 5, all students have a chance to exercise their leadership skills at the Primary 5 camp. They get to work together with their schoolmates and learn independence in addition to working together as a team to overcome challenges. Selected P5 student leaders are part of the Tier 2 leadership framework at Bendemeer Primary School. They will participate in an advanced student leadership-training programme and get an opportunity to apply their leadership and communication skills through many projects and school events such as the Kindergarten visits.  In addition, opportunities for them to contribute back to the community are created with visits by the senior citizen drop-in centres and other values-in-action activities.


All Primary 6 students go through a self-leadership module to learn the importance of goal setting - setting both short and long term goals for themselves as well as time and stress management. With these skills, we want to equip them with the best strategies to manage their studies and other programmes and activities and ensure a healthy balance and perspective. They also learn the importance of proper social etiquette - making a good first impression and learning to communicate well with others. The tier 3 student leadership framework sees the student leaders in the prefectorial board executive committee initiating and being involved various projects and school events.


BDP Prefectorial Board


Our Prefects are the voice for our student community and lead the rest of the students in promoting a caring, conducive school culture through nurturing and sustaining positive relationships. 


Prefects go through a stringent selection process before they are officially appointed. Teachers recommend students who are good role models with exemplary behaviour and leadership qualities to be prefects at the end of every year.


An inaugural Prefects’ Investiture Ceremony is held to formally appoint our prefects. This ceremony symbolises the school’s commitment in developing prefects, and also affirms the importance of their roles in the school. The prefectorial board is made up of junior and senior prefects. An executive committee is formed out of the primary 6 prefects to represent and lead the prefectorial board.


The prefects are given various leadership opportunities to contribute to the school. They are seen executing their daily duties during in the morning and recess periods. As confident leaders, prefects also lead the school in the morning assembly and the taking of Our Bendemeer Pledge during the recesses.


All prefects undergo a special training which further hone their leadership skills and equips them with skills to manage conflicts and foster better relationships among the student community. A special aspect of this training focuses on presentation skills and building students’ confidence in public speaking. We also provide them with various opportunities, exposure and platforms to showcase their leadership qualities in many projects like the Teachers’ Day Concert working team, Music Selection Project, P1 & P2 student engagement discussion.


The prefects in the executive committee (exco) are given a greater responsibility. Their training also focusses on decision-making and management skills. Their role in managing the operational duties of the prefectorial board, making decisions and deployments based on situations develops them further in the values of adaptability and empathy. Our exco prefects also are involved in many hosting opportunities and projects. One key project would be the OTTER project which has been an integral part of the school’s envisioning exercise. The exco prefects engaged the student population in selecting a set of values as part of the school’s envisioning exercise. Thus, they act as an important student representative of the student voices of the school.


With the various opportunities and platforms, we believe that every prefect will succeed to be an effective leader of tomorrow in this leadership journey in Bendemeer Primary School.