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To enrich students’ lives, enhance their school experience and compliment the school-based Art education.



Mr Mazlan Muhammad (Subject Head, Aesthetics)

Art Teachers

Mr Mazlan Muhammad, Mrs Munawir, Mr Hamzah Mahmid & Mr Tommy Ho

Highlights of our Art Exposure Programme

  • Drawing Module for P1 – P5 Students
  • Specialised Drawing [Bridging] Module for P6 Students
  • On-the-Spot Drawing Competition
  • Outdoor Drawing Competition
  • Festive Cultural Design Contest
  • Aesthetics Week Appreciation
  • Museum Education/Excursion
  • ICT Art Gallery Learning Trail
  • Poster-Making Competition
  • T-Shirt Design Contest
  • SYF Art Exhibition Exposure
  • Parent-Child Bonding Session with Parent Support Group