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Team of Music Teachers

  1. Mrs Chen Pei Ee (Music Coordinator)
  2. Ms Eleanor Foo
  3. Ms Julia Sim


The team of Music Teachers here at Bendemeer Primary strives towards nurturing Promising Pupil-Musicians who have:

  1. Growing Musical Interest
  2. Awakening Musical Sensitivity
  3. Budding Musical Potential


which allows for optimal pursuit of the performing art form later on in their lives



A table detailing the various music plans for pupils in the school is attached below:

Programs & Activities

1. Weekly Music Lessons

2. Instrumental Modular Program

  • P1: Ethnic Drums (Membranophone)
  • P2: Xylophone (Idiophone)
  • P3: Recorder (Aerophone)
  • P4: Keyboard (Electrophone)
  • P5: Guitar (Chordophone)
  • P6: iPad Garageband

3. Pre-Assembly & Recess Performances & Presentations by Teachers & Students

4. Special Performances & Presentations by External Professional Musicians

5. Learning Journey for P6

6. School Community Singing for Festive Events



Bendemeer Primary uses the Star Publishing resources which are MOE approved during music lessons.


Further details can be accessed below in the useful links section.


Useful Links

  1. https://www.moe.gov.sg/docs/default-source/document/education/syllabuses/arts-education/files/2015_Music_Teaching_ and_Learning_Syllabus_ (Primary_and_Lower_Secondary).pdf
  2. http://www.starpub.com.sg/product-first-steps-to-music.php