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Character and Citizenship Education

Character Development @ Bendemeer Primary School

Our school strongly believes in its mission of nurturing and inspiring students to love learning, lead confidently, and make a difference in the lives of others.  To develop our students to be passionate learners and confident leaders, we provide opportunities for them to develop into responsible individuals and understand their roles in shaping the future of our nation. 

Learning Outcomes (LOs) for Character and Citizenship Education (CCE)

Guided by our school vision, mission and the principles in developing a student-centric, value-driven education, the educational years students spend in our school takes them through their social roles in the various domains of self, family, school, community, nation and the world.  We hope our pupils will exhibit the following behavioural traits at the respective portion of their schooling years.

Desired Behaviour Outcomes of a BPS Pupil

School ValuesP1 & P2P3 & P4P5 & P6


Handle changes positively and look for opportunities in challenges
Student respects and is open towards the views of others.Student is positive towards feedback given and finds ways to overcome challenges.Student is able to respond positively to changes and challenges and seeks solutions to problems. 


Control one’s words, actions and behaviour and work hard in all that one does
Students  is able to control his impulses and demonstrate some form of self-control in the way he interacts with others.

Student is able to think before reacting and exercises patience. 

Student sets clear goals and follows through on his words and plans.
Love for Self, family, nation and learning

Student shows love and concern to self, family and nation.

Student shows passion in learning new things, participates actively and works well with others during school activities. 

Student forges meaningful friendships and demonstrates an appreciation of the people from multi-cultural society. 

Student has an inquisitive mind, is curious to gain new knowledge and is able to work collaboratively with others.   

Student develops a sense of national identity and an awareness of global issues.

Student understands the importance of collaborative learning by being proactive to extend their learning and shares the new knowledge with others.   


Think, speak and live right 

Student is honest and tells the truth.

 Student is reliable and makes responsible decisions.Student is reliable and makes responsible decisions. 
Keep trying and never give up
Student does not give up easily when facing difficulties. 

Student handles conflicts and setbacks well to maintain positive relationships with others.

Student perseveres in the face of challenges and is able to manage conflicts effectively. 


Think, feel and do good for others 

Student shows understanding and shares the feelings of others.

Student shows care and kindness within his /her community.   

Student is responsive to the needs of others and takes initiative to help.  

ASPIRE Wednesdays


At Bendemeer Primary School, we strive to develop our students to become persons of good character with sound moral values. As part of values education and to provide an opportunity to strengthen teacher-student relationship, we conduct our department designed ASPIRE sessions every Wednesday mornings. Teachers share and explore contemporary and social issues with the focus of creating teachable moments to inculcate values in our students.


1. Happy Mop

Bendemeer Primary belongs to all our students. To upkeep the cleanliness of the school, CCE department came up with the Happy Mop programme. As part of students’ responsibilities every day, they are to independently mop spilled water. It is to develop the value of Self-Discipline by taking responsibility for the water spilled and taking the initiative to locate the nearest mop. 

1.jpg      2.jpg

2. Be like BEN

To create an immersive environment whereby students can be reminded of how they could emulate the school mascot, Ben, in exhibiting the school ASPIRE values.


3. Kolam Ayer Art works

Along the Kallang River is a bridge called the Kolam Ayer bridge. On it, there are 15 pieces of artworks created by our very own BPS students. As part of the partnership efforts between Bendemeer Primary School and Kolam Ayer Community Club in late 2019, our students were invited to draw the landscape of the Kolam Ayer neighbourhood in vibrant colours and the Community Club put these up for display. Our students’ contributions towards beautifying the neighbouring community were displayed.

4. Giving back to community 

a.      Thank you noted to doctors and nurses at Singapore General Hospital

As part of Values in Action (VIA) in Character and Citizenship Education, the Primary four students wrote ‘Thank You’ cards to express their heartfelt gratitude towards our healthcare professionals and to encourage them to stay safe and healthy during this Covid-19 period. The cards were sent to our healthcare professionals at Singapore General Hospital (SGH). SGH then thanked our students and teachers for this very kind gesture. 

#SGUnited, #BPSUnited


Class of P4-2 (2020) with form teacher Mrs Seetha Dhillon


a.      Project Chulia Street

During the rise in cases of migrant workers contracting Covid-19, Bendemeer Primary School, in partnership with Project Chulia Street, an organisation serving to bond and to support migrant workers in Singapore, produced a special video of our students from all levels saying well wishes to our migrant workers. We wanted to affirm their tireless contribution towards Singapore and for them to know that our students and staff support them during this difficult time. #SGUnited, #BPSUnited


Our school students were also featured in a documentary about migrant workers called ‘One Of Us’ by Mewatch. Broadcasted on: 11 May 2020


c. National Day Artwork

As part of National Day Celebrations 2020, each class received a heart shaped styrofoam on which students wrote notes.


CCE Gratitude Board


‘Start Each Day with a Grateful Heart’ is a CCE department initiative aimed at developing in our students a sense of gratitude for the things / people in their lives. Being mindful to take stock and appreciate the littlest things in their lives help students to see the positive amidst challenging times. Teachers and students are encouraged to pen down notes in which they indicate what they are grateful for.



To educate our students and all stakeholders of the school in embracing a quality   restroom culture. 

2) To provide opportunity for students to be responsible by practicing proper restroom habits and to be gracious in adopting the restrooms.


Teachers selected the CCE (EL) students from the Primary 4 cohort to be appointed as P4 star ambassadors (SUSTAINING TOILETS AS RESTROOMS (STAR) who would be involved in this project. Students were scheduled on a duty roster to carry out daily inspections of the washrooms. Students were briefed and educated by their CCE teacher on the learning objectives of the programme and their roles and responsibilities as star ambassadors. At the end of the programme, our students were educated
(1) on the positive and negative impact their actions have in building a quality restroom culture,
(2) to show care and responsibility to the community by practicing good restroom habits.
(3) to improve the lives of people in the school community.

Every day, students would make their rounds to perform the checks. At the end of each assessment, students submitted their inspection checklist to the teacher-in-charge. In the event of immediate severe problems, students reported their findings or any problems to the Teacher-in-charge.