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Information Communication Technology (ICT)


E Learning Day

The school conducts 4 Home-based Learning (HBL) in a term. During HBL, pupils are assigned tasks and assignments that encourage self-directed learning and also promotes collaborative learning with their peers. Through HBL, the school is also a better prepared to minimise school disruptions in the event of a school closure due to emergencies (E.g. Haze).


We also carried our e learning day before the March holidays where pupils had to stay at home and complete a set of online homework prepared by the respective subject teachers. Pupils who have no internet access would complete these online activities after the March School holidays.


Learning Management System

A Learning management system is available for both teachers and pupils. Pupils are engaged through the content available in the portal and they are able to access these independently either in school or at home. In case of emergency school closures, pupils can continue their learning at home and are able to keep in contact with their teachers.


Cyber Wellness @ Bendemeer 

In term 1, four primary 4 pupils were chosen to attend the Cyber Wellness Student Ambassador Programme. During the conference, the pupils discussed with their peers on cyber wellness issues and learn from other cyber wellness educational programmes that were show cased.


Cyber wellness assembly talks and workshops are carried out for pupils, teachers and parents. Cyber Wellness week is also carried out in term 3 by the pupils for the pupils.


The cyber wellness ambassadors and the ICT/AVA monitors organise activities and man the cyber wellness booths. 



Collaborative learning



Pupils engaged in online learning



ICT is fun!



Engaged and motivated during ICT infused lesson



Mobile learning


  • 3 computer labs
  • 40 tablets
  • 150 ipads
  • CD players
  • Visualisers and projectors
  • 24 vertical IS (Interactive Smart Board)
  • 33 wordpads