Cyber Wellness

What is Cyber Wellness?

Cyber Wellness (CW) refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of online behaviour and awareness of how to protect oneself in cyberspace. CW helps students to become responsible digital learners. When navigating cyberspace, students should demonstrate respect for self and others and practise safe and responsible use. Students should 
also be a positive peer influence by harnessing technology for collaboration, learning and productivity, as well as advocating positive use of technology for the good of the community. (Adapted from MOE CW)

MOE Cyber Wellness Framework.png

Image: MOE Cyber Wellness Framework

In Bendemeer Primary School, we are committed to equip Bendemeerians with the skills to stay cyber-smart. In turn, they can become responsible netizens who will take responsibility for their actions online and protect themselves from online threats. CW activities are planned according to the three principles listed in the MOE CW Framework: ‘Respect for Self and Others’, ‘Safe and Responsible Use’ and ‘Positive Peer Influence’.

The school believes CW can be advocated effectively and meaningfully using a bottom-up initiation - the CW movement should be initiated by our pupils instead of teachers. Thus, we emphasised on the "why" behind CW and show our pupils how they can be a CW agent of change to make the cyberspace a better place. With this approach, our pupils internalise the importance of CW and have a strong sense of ownership towards maintaining and advocating CW. 

Schoolwide Activities 

  • Discussions on CW topics during Form Teacher Guidance Period (FTGP) 
  • Workshops to equip CW Ambassadors with CW skills such as In-school Leadership Training Programmes 

  • Assembly talks by teachers, CW Ambassadors and external vendors such as Touch CW and Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC)

  • Safer Internet Day by PDPC

  • Cyber Wellness Truck

  • Cyber-Sp[ACE] is a CW hub dedicated to advocate CW and to equip pupils with basic ICT skills. It is opened daily for pupils to practise CW during recess with electronic gadgets. Activities at Cyber-Sp[ACE] are managed and facilitated by CW Ambassadors and ICT monitors. The activities include: 

  1. Movie screening: Showing of CW video clips
  2. CW Games Booth designed and set up by pupils
  3. CW Colouring competition
  4. 1-min of Cyber-Wellness: Pupils share their thoughts on CW to their peers.
  5. CW Reading Corner: Books related to CW are made available for pupils to read.
  6. C-Quest Station: Pupils play C-Quest on iPads to learn more about CW.


Nationwide Event 

Bendemeer Primary School was one of the 15 primary schools chosen to exhibit at the STAR Showcase during the inaugural Cyber Wellness Student Ambassadors Summit 2017. Featuring the theme “Inspire. Empower. Celebrate.”, the Summit is an event to recognise schools with student ambassadors who have made commendable contributions in promoting cyber wellness to their peers. It is also a platform to foster exchange among students to spark ideas on student-led cyber wellness efforts.


Group photo at the Star Showcase with Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, 
Senior Parliamentary Secretary, MOE & MSF

Partnership with Parents

The school would love to partner all parents in this journey of advocating cyber-wellness to ensure that our precious ones stay responsible online. If your child is facing any cyber-wellness issues such as cyber-bullying or gaming addiction, please do not hesitate to inform your child’s form teacher. Let’s work hand in hand to make the cyberspace a safe place for our children! For more information regarding cyber-wellness, please visit  "Information on Cyber Wellness for Parents" and "Cyberwellness Resources".