Mother Tongue Fortnight

Mother Tongue Fortnight is a key annual event to provide an engaging environment for the learning of Mother Tongue Languages (MTL). A variety of activities is organised to encourage the pupils to actively use their MTL and appreciate their MTL and associated culture. This year we had activities such as Traditional Tamil Games, Murukku making station and competitions. Competitions included Poetry Recitation, Story Telling, Jingles and Touch Typing.




Reading Mum

To help the upper primary (P4 – P6) pupils who need help in reading will be selected for Reading Mum Programme. This is conducted on a weekly basis where parent volunteers will come on Tuesdays from 2pm – 3pm helping these pupils in their reading. 


Buddy Reading

Pupils who need help in reading will be selected for Buddy Reading Programme. This is conducted on a weekly basis where senior student readers will buddy the junior readers to improve their reading skills. This arrangement allows senior students to practice responsibility and empathy leading to improving in their leadership skills. This is conducted during recess time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


External Competitions

In light of providing exposure, Tamil Department provides the opportunity for interested pupils to participate in external competitions and events. External competitions provide a vibrant platform for pupils motivating them to be confident learners. This year our pupils took part in Spelling Bee competition at St Gabriel Secondary School. Spelling Bee competition tests our pupils on their vocabulary and spelling skills.

ext competitn.jpg


Learning Journey

Tamil department plans for appropriate learning journeys according to the levels. This is to educate our children on the cultural nuances of Tamil Language, instilling them with the love and care for their Mother Tongue. Pupils were brought to Tamil Language Fest 2019. Tamil Language Fest consists of Tamil cultural activities organised by Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre. Pupils got the opportunity to learn and take part in many exciting Tamil related activities.



Useful Links

Online exercises assigned by Teachers: https://www.pazhahutamil.com/login/

Interactive lesson packages assigned by Teachers: https://www.imtl.sg/login/index.php

Open source software- Tamil99 Keyboard free download to practice touch-typing at home: https://www.branah.com/tamil