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Parent Support Group (PSG)

The School’s Parent Support Group (PSG) was formed by a group of parents who have a keen interest in contributing towards the school community and who readily impart their skills / render their services to the school.  Over the years, the PSG has forged a strong and trusted relationship with the school.

The PSG is now a motivated and innovative voluntary wing of our school’s Pupil Management Department.  The school and the community have benefited much from activities supported by the PSG over the years.  We are looking forward to recruiting more parent volunteers to help the PSG grow even further.  We would like to invite parents to share their skills and area of expertise with the pupils and staff.



To provide opportunities for parents to be involved in the school activities

To foster greater bonding between school and families

To give children a sense of pride as they witness the involvement of their parents in school


As a PSG member, parents can keep abreast with the school’s programmes. You will be better able to support and guide your child when you are well-informed about the school policies and curriculum in your child’s school. By joining the PSG, you will also gain the support from other parents in your parenting endeavour through this network and therefore strengthening positive parent-child relationship with your child.  

PSG Executive Committee


Vice-Principal (Administration)

Mr Lam Chee Yuong


Level Head Pupil Management

Ms Millie Kuan

PSG Coordination Team

School Staff

Mdm Elis Tjandra (OIC)

Mdm Zakiyah Abdul Karim (2IC)

Mdm Tina Ee

Mdm Noraini Bte Zainul


Ms Seriwati Salim (Chairman)
Ms Leila Bundang (Vice-Chairman)
Ms Yung Ho (Secretary)

Ms Badhar Nisha

Ms Shruti Mathur

Ms Doan Thi Anh Tuyet

Mr Muhammad Nazmi Bin Abu Bakar
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Join us as a PSG member 

As the school works towards strengthening engagement with parents, we encourage parents who are not in the Parent Support Group (PSG) to join us as a PSG member. The PSG complements the school by aligning the school‘s objectives and supporting the school’s programmes to improve our children’s well-being and learning. As a PSG member, you are playing an active role in making the school a safe place for our children to learn in and making school life more vibrant and caring.

For more information on the programs and activities, please speak to the PSG coordinators Mdm Elis at 6298 2911 (Ext 250), Mdm Zakiyah at 6298 2911 (Ext 238) or email us at bendemeer_ps@moe.edu.sg.

To join us, you may either complete the PSG Application Form available below or obtain the form from our General Office.

For the PSG Application Form, click HERE!

Programmes / Events 

There are various programmes and activities that parents can support in and you can choose to participate and contribute based on your personal interest and / or your expertise / skills in a particular field.  Some of the programmes and activities that PSG works closely with the school are as follows:



Daily / Regular Basis:

Road Crossing

Library Activities

Recycling Programmes

Swimming Programmes

Reading Programmes

Modular CCA


Ad-Hoc Activities and Events: 

School Organised Events (eg. Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Racial Harmony Day etc.)

Mother Tongue Fortnight

P1 Orientation

School Competitions

Learning Journeys / Outings

Specialised Talk / Workshop for Parents

Kindergarten Visit