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Physical Education

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P3 SwimSafer Programme

Our school’s P3 SwimSafer Programme aims to enable our P3 pupils to achieve basic swimming and water safety-survival skills and knowledge and also learn our school values through the participation in the SwimSafer Programme. The SwimSafer Programme is conducted as part of the P3 PE lessons every Friday during the PE curriculum time in Semester 2.

Annual Games Day

Our school held our Annual Games Day on 10 March 2016 with the theme of Fun@Bendemeer whereby mass participation in physical activities was promoted. All P1 to P3 pupils took part in a series of Game Stations involving Javelin, Bowling and a Soccer Kinect Game while all P4 to P6 pupils participated in a series of Mini Basketball, Captain’s Ball and Soccer Games. Our Parent Support Group members also assisted in the running of the Annual Games Day this year as well.

P5 Student Leadership Camp 

The P5 student leadership camp is conducted annually to all P5 pupils. In line with our Student Leadership Programme, the objectives of the camp are to instill self-confidence, independence, foster respect and love for each other and promote spirit of excellence in our pupils. Pupils are given opportunities to work as a team through physical activities and to develop their leadership and social skills. They also experience and apply outdoor skills in the areas of navigation, packing and meal preparation in an outdoor environment. The pupils also forge camaraderie and developed resilience through common challenging outdoor experiences and learn the qualities of a good leader/team member, problem solving and communication skills.

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